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Zeus Returns is an episode from Season 10 that aired on July 7, 2012 with its two sister episodes, The Episode of Nothing and BLANK.


  • Zeus's Mother
  • Zeus's Band Members
  • Alchachia Bottom Citizens
  • Rock Bottom Citizens


  • Zeus's Mother
  • Zeus's Band Members
  • Rock Botttom and Alchachia Bottom citizens
  • Crowd of Girls


SpongeBob hears that Zeus the Guitar Lord is traveling through the sea with his new band, Zeus the God, when they come across Bikini Bottom, and all the girls love them (even Sandy). SpongeBob thinks they should do a show that will make them more famous, but Zeus seems satisfied with what he has, although they keep getting attacked by fans demanding autographs. Finally, Zeus, his mom, and the band members decided to go with SpongeBob's plan, and sure enough, it worked! All their fans rated their show five stars! Sandy then crashed in and asked for an autograph, which she wanted so badly this whole time in the crowd. After Zeus signs it, she leaves, ending the episode.

Trivia and Goofs

  • Running Gag: Everytime the band yells, "Zeus the God!" crazy fans chase them.
  • Sandy only wanted an autograph from the band and finally got it from Zeus in the end.
  • Zeus has a different hairstyle in this episode